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Whey protein concentrate of 70% of Gadyach
  • Whey protein concentrate of 70% of Gadyach
  • Whey protein concentrate of 70% of Gadyach

Whey protein concentrate of 70% of Gadyach

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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KSB UF of 70% , Gadyach, Ukraine ― is a concentrate of serumal protein (protein) which is made at the plant in Poltava region and practically concedes nothing to the foreign analogs. This product perfectly is suitable for the people leading active lifestyle and athletes.

― Ratio price/quality;
― Decrease in level of "bad" cholesterol;
― Increase in function of immune system;
― Improvement of sports indicators (relief, muscle bulk, force, endurance);
― Reduction of time of restoration and symptoms of an overtraining;

The concentrate of serumal protein is received from whey. It contains in the structure 8 irreplaceable amino acids which the person can receive only with food or in the form of sports food. Thanks to this KSB of 70% perfectly is suitable for closing of "a proteinaceous and carbohydrate window" after the training. High content of protein helps to restore quickly forces and the spent reserves of amino acids as a result of training process, and also to prevent a catabolism (destruction) of muscular tissue. KSB of 70% belongs to "bystry" proteins, i. e. has the high speed of assimilation by an organism. At the expense of the high content of protein promotes accumulation of muscle bulk and strength of the athlete.
By researches it is proved long ago that people who play sports need much more protein and amino acids in a diet, than to ordinary people. For this reason sports food is so necessary.

Ingredients: A concentrate of serumal protein ultra filtered (KSB UF of 70% ).
The recommended doses of KSB of 70% for the use:
1 portion = 40 g (2 tbsps).
Mix 2 tablespoons of a product from 200 - 300 ml of water or milk. Stir by means of a shaker or the blender. Drink 1 - 3 portions a day: before and after a training, and after awakening in the morning.
Physical properties:
The white or cream powder having dairy taste and a smell.
Storage conditions:
In the place, dry, inaccessible for children. Temperature of storage is from + 0 °C to + 22 °C.
Caution to application:
Individual sensitivity to components, pregnancy, the lactation period. The product has moderately high content of lactose and with its intolerance can cause discomfort in a digestive tract in people.

Content of nutrients "KSB UF of 70% , Gadyach, Ukraine

Name In one portion, 40 g In 100 g
Proteins 28 g 70,0g
Fats there is no information there is no information
Carbohydrates 7 g 17,5g
Power value 132 kcal 330 kcal
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Type of protein:Whey protein
Color:Бело-кремовый, натуральный
Information is up-to-date: 11.03.2021

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