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Salty dry whey
  • Salty dry whey
  • Salty dry whey
  • Salty dry whey

Salty dry whey

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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represents finely divided dry hygroscopic powder from white till yellow color. Taste and smell - sweet, saltish, slightly sourish, without off - tastes and smells.
Any serum represents mix of proteins, lactoses, minerals and water, at production of cheeses and cottage cheese the most part of lactose, and also practically all milk salts, mineral substances and minerals passes into it. This structure does it extremely useful to the person and agricultural animals and irreplaceable in production of many food and cosmetic products.

The dry product is made from natural milk cheese or cottage cheese whey which is by - product at cheese manufacture, cottage cheese or casein, method of spray or film drying.

Properties of serum sweet and salty:
- high hygroscopicity of product (more than 20% );
- has sorption properties because of the high content of amorphous lactose, mineralnykhveshchestvo and considerable concentration of lactic acid;
- has as a part of 50% of solids of whole milk, nearly 100% of lactobiose and about 30% of milk proteins.

- in the dairy industry by production of spreads, smetanny products, cottage cheese and cottage cheese products, yogurts, frozen, concentrated milk, processed cheeses, drinks.
- in the feed mill industry for production of forages for agricultural animals, including production of milk equivalents.
- in the meat - processing industry by production of cooked sausages, sausages, sausages as replacement of powdered milk.
- in the confectionery and baking industry at candy manufacture, bakery goods, chocolate pastes, stuffings of candies and various glazes.
- in the fat - and - oil industry by production of mayonnaise and fatty sauces.
- in perfumery and pharmaceutical industry by production of various shampoos, creams, masks, cosmetic serums, medicines.

Physical and chemical characteristics of dry TU 9223 - 123 - 04610209 - 2002 whey.

Name of indicator Norm
Appearance Fine powder, is allowed availability of the lumps which are easily scattered at mechanical influence
Color From white to light yellow
Taste and smell Sweet, without off - tastes and smells
Mass fraction of fat, % , no more 1,5
Mass fraction of protein, % , not less 12
Mass fraction of carbohydrates, % , not less 74,7
Mass fraction of lactose, % , not less 60 - 70
Mass fraction of moisture, % , no more 3,5
Acidity, °t, no more 13 (actually 5 - 10)
Solubility index, volume of crude deposit, cm ³, no more 0,6
Energy value, Kcal 332,4
Total number of microorganisms no more than 200 000 in 1 g.

Packaging, transportation and storage.
Dry whey is packed into multilayer kraftmeshka with polyethylene insert weighing no more than 25 kg.
Transport all means of transport in the covered vehicles according to the rules of transportation of goods existing on transport of this look.
Transportation and storage of dry whey carry out no more than 80% at temperature not above 20 °C and relative humidity of air.
Store in the display outer laid on laths, lattices, pallets in pure, dry and well aerated rooms. Storage with other foodstuff with specific smell is not allowed.

Country producer Ukraine
  • Price: 22 UAH/kg
  • Minimum volume of the order: 25 kg
  • Way of packaging: bag
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 11.03.2021

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