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Albumine gel-forming
  • Albumine gel-forming
  • Albumine gel-forming

Albumine gel-forming

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Brand:ООО " Овостар "
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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Egg white dry (albumine) gel - forming

Structure: 100% protein egg white

• High percent of protein
• Nearly 100% digestibility
• High nutritive properties
• Useful qualities
• Is suitable for athletes with intolerance of lactose

Protein egg white.

Application: Sports and dietary food, Musa, dairy products, "warm ice cream", meringues, cakes etc.

The ovalbumin from proteins of eggs is developed.
Actually, the ovalbumin represents the dehydrated protein of eggs.

From 310 ― 330 proteins it is possible to develop one kilogram of dry powder.
Replacement coefficients for eggs with average weight of 50 g: Albumine 1kg = 316 proteins of fresh eggs.

The ovalbumin has the highest biological value and is the most valuable of the existing proteins, has the most balanced amino acid composition.

At the same time, the protein concentrate of egg protein (albumine) is almost deprived of fat, carbohydrates and cellulose therefore its use to a certain extent promotes lipotropic effect, by other words - promotes combustion of fats in organism, naturally, at observance of diet and the correct trainings.

From pluses of protein it is possible to note the balanced amino acid composition (even adding quantity of yolks to proteins of eggs, you will not manage to reach ideal, and here - please), almost total absence of fats (though not all from them are harmful, and some are very useful), ease of preparation. And it is easier to drink cocktail, whatever one may do, than to eat 5 - 6 eggs even if to throw out part of yolks in garbage can.

Perfectly is suitable for food of organism, saturating it with full range of nezamenymy amino acids. Perfectly approaches as predtrenerovochny and posletrenerovochny protein.

This protein can provide organism with amino acids completely.

Egg albumine - so - called slow protein. Is in the middle, along with soy protein (which, unfortunately, has no full range of essential amino acids), between serumal and casein of milk.

Recommendations about application:

Recommendations about application:

It is known that it is recommended to use with food from 1,5 - 2 g of protein for the ordinary people who are not playing sports, and 2 - 3g. squirrel in days for athletes and people who are busy with physical work.

Cocktail prepares by mixing of 20 - 30 g of powder of protein egg white (these are 1.5 - 2 tablespoons of product) and about 200 ml. water or milk (it is recommended, fat - free or with low fat content) and to stir before full dissolution by the blender or different way that there were no lumps.

To use cocktails 2 - 4 times a day, depending on the purpose, the mode of your food, intensity of trainings and rest.

Example: in the morning before, or after food (instead of drink), before training for hour or 30 minutes, after training during of 30 minutes to 2kh hours to manage to bring protein in the period of so - called "protein window", also before going to bed.

Useful tips:

For set of muscle bulk protein egg white needs to be mixed with maltodextrin powder (complex carbohydrates) in proportion: 1: or 1: 3.

Expiration date: at temperature not above 20 degrees Celsius and relative humidity no more than 75% ― 8 months; at temperature not above 2 degrees Celsius and relative humidity no more than 75% ― 24 months.

Physical and chemical properties:

Moisture content ― max. 8,0%

Protein content ― 83,5 - 88,0%

Content of fat ― min. 0,25%

Solubility ― 88,0 - 92,0%

PH ― 7,0 - 7,5

Smell ― natural

Microbiological properties:

Quantity of aerobic bacteria ― max. 10х103 and max. 10х104

Bacteria of group of colibacilli (koliforma), in 0,1g product ― are absent

Pathogenic organisms, including bacteria of genus of the Salmonella, in 25 g of product ― are absent

Energy value in 100 g of product: 340 kcal


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Producer LLC Ovostar


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Country producer Ukraine
Weight 20.0 (kg)
Brand:ООО " Овостар "
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 11.03.2021

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